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How does Metro Area Treasure Hunts work? 
Once you have created a unique login and purchased your entrance into this exciting and challenging event, you will be provided clues to the location of a $5000 treasure hidden somewhere in the chosen city’s greater metropolitan area.  There is no chance or gambling involved, as this is a game of wits.  You need only cleverness, perseverance, and an area map to go claim the prize!

Remember, these clues are to be deciphered while looking at an online map of the area.  In other words, use the names of roads, public areas, landmarks, etc. within the city and all of its immediate suburbs to find your way to the $5000 treasure, which is hidden on public property.  All checkpoints are also either on or can be seen from publicly accessible areas.  Finally, take advantage of your favorite search engine…it could be your best friend in the hunt!

Let’s talk specifics. 
The entrance fee of $19.99 provides access to the hunt and all of the clues to find the treasure.  After the initial clue is presented upon enrollment, each successive clue will be released two days after the previous one.  If you’re too excited to wait, you can always give a little extra, only $0.99 per clue, to receive them immediately.  If you’re clever enough to figure out the exact location of the treasure, go get it!  But don’t look for a duffel bag full of cash; that would be irresponsible of us.  A hidden certificate with a code to verify on the website will allow you to claim your $5000 cashier’s check, assuming that you are the first to find and enter it.

Who can participate? 
Anyone can personally help to decipher the clues and find the real hidden treasure.  You can fly solo or grab a few family members, friends, or coworkers, as this is great dinner conversation and water cooler chitchat.  Just remember, only legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years of age who have no affiliation with Metro Area Treasure Hunts can actually claim the prize, unless participation in the hunt is prohibited by individual state law.

There’s a disclaimer, of course. 
By enrolling, you release Metro Area Treasure Hunts from all liability pertaining to, but not limited to, personal harm, property damage, trespassing, and/or any other unlawful behavior.  You will also need to agree to not publicly share clues.  We don’t know why you would, as it would just waste your own money and help others to find the treasure first, but it needs to be stated anyway.  Not that it would happen, but we have to reserve the right to modify or cancel a hunt at any time.  Any disputes need to be settled by individuals and not through class action suits.  The prize is one (1) $5000 cashier’s check provided to the first person to find the treasure (the coded verification certificate) and correctly enter that code on the Metro Area Treasure Hunts website.  Once this has occurred, the hunt is declared over.  We then reserve the right to publish that winner’s information for promotional purposes.  Finally, by participating in Metro Area Treasure Hunts, you agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth in this disclaimer, in the general rules, in the general terms and conditions, in the non-disclosure agreement, and the privacy policy.

Non-Disclosure Agreement
By registering with Metro Area Treasure Hunts, I acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions set forth by Metro Area Treasure Hunts, which state that any clue or part thereof shall not be shared on any social media platform or in any public manner.  If I violate these terms either directly or indirectly at any time during any active hunt, I understand that I will forfeit my chance to claim the treasure of these currently running hunts, as I will be banned from participating in said hunts with no refund provided.  I further understand that the sharing of any part of any clue will constitute a breach of this non-disclosure agreement to which I am consenting, for which I can be sued for the amount of revenue lost by the breach of this contract.

I would also be wasting my hard-earned money just to help others find the treasure before me.  In addition, I would be ruining the fun for everyone by hindering the opportunity for this exciting adventure to occur again in the future.

I acknowledge that any form of intimidation toward another participant or Metro Area Treasure Hunts will result in immediate forfeiture of my chance to claim the treasure, with no refund given. Furthermore, I understand that I may be banned from all future hunts and that my actions may be reported to the proper authorities.

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