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Metro Area Treasure Hunts (MATH) is a social thought experiment brought to life by a teacher and father of three from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Going through a particularly challenging year with a minimal amount of time and stress outlets, the creator’s wife suggested a plan to help cure his lackluster attitude. Knowing his love of puzzles, ciphers, and problem solving in general, she asked, “Why don’t you create a treasure hunt for our friends?” It was brilliant! But why limit the fun to just a handful of people? The creator wants to bring the excitement to anyone with an internet connection. Promoting critical thinking and problem solving in his classroom, he helps his students to see that knowledge opens doors and really pays off. In this case, using your brain and practicing perseverance could literally pay off! The creator sees MATH as a new outlet to cure anyone’s boredom. He hopes that you have as much fun participating in the hunt as he did creating it. Good luck!

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