Non-Disclosure Agreement

By registering with Metro Area Treasure Hunts, I acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions set forth by Metro Area Treasure Hunts, which state that any clue or part thereof shall not be shared on any social media platform or in any public manner.  If I violate these terms either directly or indirectly at any time during any active hunt, I understand that I will forfeit my chance to claim the treasure of these currently running hunts, as I will be banned from participating in said hunts with no refund provided.  I further understand that the sharing of any part of any clue will constitute a breach of this non-disclosure agreement to which I am consenting, for which I can be sued for the amount of revenue lost by the breach of this contract.

I would also be wasting my hard-earned money just to help others find the treasure before me.  In addition, I would be ruining the fun for everyone by hindering the opportunity for this exciting adventure to occur again in the future.

I acknowledge that any form of intimidation toward another participant or Metro Area Treasure Hunts will result in immediate forfeiture of my chance to claim the treasure, with no refund given. Furthermore, I understand that I may be banned from all future hunts and that my actions may be reported to the proper authorities.

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